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From plating, painting to turnkey assembly and quality control, your sheet metal parts can be fabricated with a number of finishes upon request. Multiple parts, such as for an enclosure or cabinet, can be assembled before being shipped to you.

Designing precise pieces of sheet metal is what we do. We start by using your blueprints or by working with you to draw up a blueprint for the part and then create a prototype, which serves as the model for all sheet metal manufacturing. Along the way, we can add any paint or finishes according to your needs and, if multiple parts are involved, assemble the final product.

The whole process of creating a sheet metal part begins with SolidWorks or AutoCAD and any of your sketches or drawings. Our engineers use these software programs to design your parts. While sheet metal parts are commonly seen as medical or electronic enclosures, panels, cabinets, chassis and brackets, we can create nearly any similar part based on your drawings, samples and requests.

Our material selection ranges from aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, copper with many other materials available. R&D has the following capabilities for use in manufacturing parts. These processes include: engineering, programming, shearing, CNC punching, laser cutting, waterjet cutting, deburring, timesaving, CNC forming, spot welding, PEM insertion, machining, heliarc welding, also known as TIG welding, and grinding. R&D gives you the highest quality parts possible.

List of Services

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    The engineering behind our sheet metal is all-inclusive. Beginning with the designing stage, we use your blueprints... Continue
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    The design of sheet metal parts is important, which is why we work with your design team to create an... Continue
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    Many industries need parts made from sheet metal. Some of these parts are made on an individual basis... Continue
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    Various metals used in CNC manufacturing can make sheet metal parts – even plastic. As some metals are better... Continue
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    Let us assemble your entire product for you. Not only can we design each sheet metal part... Continue
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    Add a finish or paint to a sheet metal part. We’ll do military and commercial finish specifications... Continue
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    Want to track your order from start to finish? We use a bar coding system created from a combination of... Continue
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    Our pricing is based on the scope of the order. Pricing options range from prototypes and short-run... Continue
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    Our full-time inspection department makes sure that everything is done to your specifications. As an in-house... Continue

    What can we do to a piece of sheet metal? Aside from creating high-quality, accurate pieces, our services include a wide variety of steps from CNC punching to inspection and finishing.. Creating a piece of sheet metal is only the beginning of our services, Some of our process include: engineering, programming, shearing, cnc punching, laser cutting, waterjet cutting, deburring, timesaving, cnc forming, spot welding, pem insertion, machining, heliarc welding, also known as TIG welding, grinding, just to give you an idea of what your parts or assembly may have to go through for the highest quality product possible. After the actual piece is created, we can complete the product with a finish painted ,plated or assembled upon request. Aside from designing the part, our full list of facilities for creating and designing sheet metal parts includes:
    • AutoCAD and SolidWorks design soltware
    • CNC Punching
    • CNC Forming
    • CNC Machining & Filling
    • Finishing
    • Heliarc Welding
    • Hardware Installation
    • Full Inspection Department

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