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Welding, laser cutting, and powder coating are some of the services we offer for designing and creating sheet metal parts. Various CNC precision manufacturing machines are used in all steps of the manufacturing process.
33 Thousand sqft Facility

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What can we do to a piece of sheet metal?

Aside from creating high-quality, accurate pieces, our services include a wide variety of steps from CNC punching to inspection and finishing.. Creating a piece of sheet metal is only the beginning of our services, Some of our process include: engineering, programming, shearing, cnc punching, laser cutting, waterjet cutting, deburring, timesaving, cnc forming, spot welding, pem insertion, machining, heliarc welding, also known as TIG welding, grinding, just to give you an idea of what your parts or assembly may have to go through for the highest quality product possible. After the actual piece is created, we can complete the product with a finish painted ,plated or assembled upon request.

Our Capabilities

  • 8’ 10 gauge power shear
  • 6”x6” 16 gauge power notcher
  • Plasma cutter
  • 200 amp MIG welder (steel and aluminum)
  • 30 KVA spotwelder
  • 250 amp AC/DC heliarc welder
  • 250 amp stick welder
  • MIG welding machine
  • Oxy-acetylene cutting, brazing, and welding
Punching and Laser Cutting
  • (1) 50 ton hydraulic CNC punch press
  • (2) 2-29 station, 20 ton hydraulic CNC punch press
  • (1) 30 ton single station punch press Strippit 18/30
  • (1) 4 ton deep throat power punch presses
  • (2) Haeger inserting press (PEM type) with auto feed
  • Various hand punches
  • 36” time saver wet
  • Bowl tumbler
  • Various air, electrical disc, and vibratory sanders
  • Various belt sanders
  • Fine rotary file sanders
  • (3) 8’ 80 ton CNC press brake
  • (2) 6’ 60 ton CNC press brake
  • (2) 4’ 30 ton CNC press brake
  • (1) 4’ 20 ton press brake
  • (1) 3’ 16 gauge roller
  • (1) 10 gauge 5-foot power slip roll
  • (2) Bridgeport style horizontal and vertical millers
  • Floor model drill press
  • 5’ diameter horizontal and vertical band saw
  • 10” south bend lathe
  • Precision cut-off saw
Also Available
  • Plating, in-house powdercoat painting, and silk-screening
  • In-house mechanical assembly
  • AutoCAD 2000 Design
  • SolidWorks Software
  • Fabrawin programming software
  • Fabritrak operations software for bar coded work orders, job tracking, and scheduling
  • Dedicated quality control department
  • Program and design with engineering capabilities

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